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Deduction Management:

  • Manage Accounts Receivable GL posting
  • Handle Trade Promotion Deduction Processing
  • Obtain Deduction Support/Documentation
  • Access UniData and QuickBooks as required for reporting.
  • Perform Deduction/Trade Spending Matching to Plan
  • Unauthorized Deduction Collection
  • Notify operations of Product Shortage Claims by Customers
  • Notify operations of Product Returns (deductions)
  • Deliver summary to Operations and Sales of all Logistics claims, shortages, returns, fees/fines et all that should be reversed out of Trade Spending Calculation
  • Notify Accounting of Accruals- Trade Spending
  • Notify Accounting of Accruals- Brokerage/Sales
  • Notify Accounting of Accruals- Other
  • Confirm all GL posting for receivables dated before the 15th of each for month end closing.

Deduction Management: Sales Support

  • Obtain/Track Promotional Plans- Approvals
  • Obtain/Track Promotional Plans- Enter and Maintain Database
  • Customer Operating agreements /Contracts/Indemnity Agreements: Manage, advise
  • Maintain data integrity on CRM: Pricing , promotions, broker, relationship links
  • Support Tracking of Incentive Plans/Management – If applicable

Sales Planning and Reporting:

  • Create Reports for Sales & Volume Forecasting:
  • Quarterly summaries of orders per customer
  • Quarterly summaries of promotional activity and expenses
  • Quarterly summaries of product orders per customer
  • Quarterly details of all deduction expenses per item per customer
  • Assist with information requirements for Business reviews as needed
  • Perform Product Damage Analysis: Bi-annual
  • Problem Resolution - ongoing
  • Order & Promotion Program Coordination (support Order processing)
  • Provide reports and assistance with:
  • Expenditure Monitoring and Forecasting
  • Performance/Effectiveness Forecasting

Portal Access:

  • Upload UNFI portal to CRM
  • Upload KeHE portal to CRM
  • Analyze movement data from all customer portals (UNFI, KeHE, WFM, Wal-Mart)
  • Manage portal information, price changes, promotional activity

Broker commissions:

  • Compile all payment information Monthly
  • Verify all applicable deductions
  • Generate payments due for all Headquarter brokers: Headquarters
  • Generate payments due for all individual warehouses and brokers: Splits
  • Notify accounting of payments on or before the 20th of each month.
  • Notify sales of payments on or before the 20th of each month.
  • Submit reports and support documentation to Brokers upon request.
  • Manage Broker Contracts: Maintain database of regional contacts


  • Internal Accounting department training
  • Training includes the analysis of each step from order processing to receivables and training accounting personnel on the descriptions used by the customer base


Results: The 4 most obvious.

  1. Increase efficiency: Accounting and sales departments are more efficient overall. Accounting has the knowledge to process and clear payments and deductions accurately. The sales person has less involvement in answering questions and dealing with collections and more time building relationships and sales.
  2. Increased profitability: Information provided to sales gives them details to avoid or plan for sales expenses and discuss expenditure details with the customers. In most of the cases, we find the expenditure with a certain customer is at 30%. Imagine when they ask for more in a category review, the sales person can now say “sorry, I can’t, I need you to do more” with the proof to back it up.
  3. Reduction in aged receivables: Cleaner books lead to easier audits and positive financial reports. Decrease that list of “write offs”.
  4. Reduction in deductions: Policies, procedures and customers realizing you have organized information, equals a deduction in erroneous deductions. An estimated 50% of current deductions and customer audits will be eliminated after 1 year.